Construction site
The best green system on the market

The best system for construction site installations

The HybridGenerator equipment is designed from the start for 24/7 operation to ensure reduced fuel usage and improved C02 footprint, while supplying consistent high quality output.

  • 60% reduction in diesel consumption
  • 60% less engine service
  • Heavy reduction of soot and particles. Our emitter in the range of 1/10 to 1/100 part versus a poorly loaded common generator.
  • Heavy reduction of CO2
  • Clean power - no more burnt contactors when commissioning.

Inverter mode Load is isolated from motor. Perfect sinus power, as the grid.

Boost mode Serial with diesel motor, for combined high capacity peak loads . This is like a UPS, where load is moved from motor to inverter and back in the cycle of battery charge and discharge .

Command center which monitors operation 24/7
in relation to failure or follow-up of the machines.
Eg. low diesel level, failed engine start, etc.

Customer access to monitoring.
Possibility to:

  • Setting up mail notification at low diesel level etc.
  • To withdraw electricity consumption information up to 6 months in time.
  • Analysis of consumption in different operations.
  • Data logging.

Operational data

60% diesel reduction

Service interval every 3000 hrs


Emission reduction


HYBRIDGENERATOR - the best on the market

Improve your carbon footprint, and improve your bottom line!

With our hybrid generator you will have all these Advantages:

  • 10 year operation lifespan before MTO. This is up to 5 times more than a diesel genset of today in 24/7 operation
  • significantly improved emissions profile
  • up to 60% reduction in fuel usage at 24/7 operation
  • 5-10x longer service intervals
  • 2-4 times longer operational interval between refueling
  • Trailer based solution offers ease of on-site logistics, removing the requirement for lifting equipment

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